We devote our expertise and skills in the care of those with disabilities and their journey towards a better life.

smiling old woman and her caregiver

Veracity Health Systems, LLC was founded in 2016 by Mbutambe Akpang RN, BSc. and Miranda Mbutambe RN MSN, in Erie, Pennsylvania. Veracity Health Systems, LLC is a cultural-specific organization with the focus of providing psychosocial and mental health services to the diverse adult populations. It is our goal to become an organization that enables clients to heal holistically. We deeply value our commitment to serving our clients and provide them with person-centered services. Our organization promotes the use of holistic approach when addressing the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of each client.

Bios of CEO

Our Chief Executive Officer Mbutambe Akpang RN, BSc was born with many disabilities and grew up managing and passing through all the difficulties and challenges that come with managing a chronic disability. Mbutambe developed an interest in health care when he was five years old and later studied to become a Registered Nurse. He has practiced with many individuals of various cultures for many years and has profound experience in Mental Health after working as a Public Health Registered Nurse for the past eight years. Mbutambe has worked with various individuals suffering from physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and mental illnesses. He was the CEO and CFO for Veracity Health Systems MN since 2013.

Mbutambe Miranda is the Chief Operating Officer. She has a Master in Nursing and is a Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. She has practiced Nursing since 2010 and has strong clinical skills in diverse areas of health care.


Veracity, Collaboration, Compassionate, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect

Our Mission

The mission of Veracity Health Systems, LLC (VHS) is to assist people with disabilities to live rich and fulfilling lives. VHS will fulfill this mission by providing compassionate therapeutic and medical support to patients of all ages regardless of the level of disability while allowing them to live with dignity and purpose. For our clients to grow and reach their full potential, we give various opportunities and choices, coordinating a variety of services that maximize their abilities and participation in different community settings. We help individuals gain dignity, self-reliance, and hope through the provision of a full continuum of high-quality care from our highly trained, passionate, and professional staff.


Each person with a disability should have the opportunity to make choices, to contribute to his or her own daily lifestyle, to obtain the best education or training available, and to enjoy a home-like atmosphere with quality caregivers. Uplift all lives by providing the right service at the right time with a focus on integrated and continuum care.