Most of the time, our clients just need a little push and assistance from the right people for them to reach their potential.

Veracity Health Systems, LLC provides the following services to clienteles 18 years old and above:

We also offer these services:

  • Home and Community Habilitation
  • Licensed Day Habilitation Supports
  • Transitional Work Services
  • Behavioral Services – We conduct a functional assessment and develop strategies that can support the individual according to the results of the assessment. We also provide training to the individual, the staff, relatives, and the caregivers. These services are completed one-on-one between the client and a behavior support professional holding a Master’s Degree or being supervised by someone with a Master’s Degree.
  • Nursing Services – Unless otherwise specified, these are waiver services. We offer training and consultation within the scope of practice. Before we can provide any healthcare-related service to the client, we need to receive a denial letter from the medical assistance fee for the service or managed care.

All our services are designed to help clients receive the support they need on a daily basis while living with dignity. For your inquiries about any of our services offered, please feel free to talk to us at 814-636-5150.