The varied home and community services we provide can be customized according to the intensity and uniqueness of every individual’s needs.

There are a number of services under this category. We recognize the uniqueness of every individual’s needs. We want to assure each patient’s health and safety in the delivery of our services which is why services at different intensities are available for our clients. We encourage you to get in touch with your supports coordinator to determine which intensity best meets your needs.

smiling caregiver and old woman

  1. Home and Community Habilitation has been developed to support clients in accessing and utilizing community resources that include transportation and activities of community life, designing and maintaining their financial responsibility, as well as participating in community groups such as volunteering. Through Habilitation, an individual is supported when visiting friends and family, exercising his or her civic responsibilities, advisory boards, and ensuring total health and safety. The services can be rendered by a service agency which provides trained people in rendering assistance or by someone known to the patient and family as qualified and willing to render assistance.
  2. Licensed Day Habilitation aims to support a participant with supervision and training focusing on self-care, socialization, and communication. Areas of focus typically include relationship development, mobility, and community resources. Older Adult Day service is also included. Services cannot be rendered to the client at the same time as Companion Services, Home and Community Habilitation, Pre-vocational Services, Supported Employment, and Transitional Work Services.
  3. Through pre-vocational services, the patient can develop the necessary skills for placement in vocational programs and eventually get into competitive employment. These services focus on competitive work traits as well as training. The service can be rendered as occupational training, focusing on a particular job and includes personal and work adjustment training. Work-related evaluations which utilize observations and testing that determine the right job placement are also included. Transportation is also vital for this service.
  4. Transitional work services offer work experience in a real work environment that is integrated and supervised. These environments are often known as a mobile workforce, workstation in industry, affirmative industry, and enclave.

If you’d like to know more about our home and community services, kindly get in touch with us at 814-636-5150.