Through our supported employment services, our clients receive support in finding employment and long-term job support within their communities.

Supported employment services: Services that help people find and retain paid employment in community businesses where people without disabilities are employed.

Covered services that require direct contact with the person include:

smiling old man and his caregiver

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Individual job development and placement to find an appropriate job match for the person and the employer
  • Individualized work-related assessment
  • Long-term support to help the person retain his or her job
  • Supervision and monitoring of the person’s job performance
  • Training on (1) position-specific skills; (2) skills required to obtain and retain employment (e.g. using community resources); (3) how to use break and lunch areas; and (4) transportation resources

Covered services that do not require direct contact with the person include:

  • Advocacy, negotiation, and liaison communications with employers
  • Benefit(s) review and analysis
  • Design and implementation of schedules for support, job coach fading (i.e. reducing paid on-the-job support) and remote monitoring
  • Development of the person’s natural work supports
  • Employment marketplace research
  • Employment-specific transportation coordination
  • Job application, resume, and cover letter development
  • Job-specific data collection, documentation, and progress reporting
  • Negotiation of the person’s employment
  • Outreach to community businesses about available employment opportunities

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