When you need temporary care services while your primary caregiver is absent or is taking a short break, you can take advantage of our respite care services.

When a family member or primary caregiver who is normally providing care is absent or needs relief, respite care services which are short-term care services can be provided.

Any in-home or out-of-home respite setting should meet all necessary provider qualifications and licensure. A participant may receive respite in his or her place of residence or any of the following out-of-home settings:

caregiver and old woman

  • Foster care
  • Medicaid certified hospital
  • Medicaid certified nursing facility

Respite care is only provided for a primary caregiver meeting the following criteria:

  • Responsible for the care and supervision of the person and,
  • Maintain his/her primary residence at the same address as the person, and
  • Named as an owner or leaser of the primary residence.

Those who are living in private homes may only receive respite services.

An individual known to the client and family and who is qualified and ready to assist the client in his or her home, a family member’s home or the home of a friend can also provide respite services.

Kindly contact 814-636-5150 if you have further inquiries.