We believe that being socially active can help improve overall health. We offer companion services to help our clients minimize isolation and loneliness as much as possible in their current situation.

Our companion services encompass those services that aim to assist a client in working towards a goal of integrating into the community in accordance with his or her support plan.

The adult companion may:

  • Attend a movie with the person to practice coping skills to manage his or her social anxiety
  • Go with the person to a community event to reduce his or her social isolation
  • Play a board game with the person to enhance his or her fine motor skills
  • Provide verbal instructions or cues to the person to help him or her complete a task

The adult companion may assist or supervise the person with tasks such as laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and shopping only while he or she helps the person work toward a therapeutic or community integration goal. For instance, the client can practice his or her budgeting skills when shopping with one of our companions. However, these tasks cannot be performed by the companion as distinct services.

Veracity Health Systems, LLC also assures that each staff who delivers adult companion services:

smiling caregiver and her old patient

  • Can manage emergency and/or crisis situations and report them to the lead agency
  • Can perform essential job functions as defined in the person’s support plan
  • Can read, write, and follow written and verbal instructions
  • Can understand and maintain confidentiality and data privacy
  • Can work under the intermittent supervision
  • Has experience/training in homemaking and/or caring for people with cognitive, physical, or other functional limitations
  • Is in good physical and mental health
  • Has passed a job-related physical examination and background check before he or she delivers services.

If you need clarifications, our team can discuss our services with you further. Call us at 814-636-5150.