Our Support Brokers offer a variety of services that help clients and their families in assuming employer roles.

People and families directing their services via the Pennsylvania Participant-Directed Services system can take advantage of these services.

Our clients and their families receive consultation, guidance, and coaching from Supports Brokers as they assume roles centered on managing employer or employer of record. A Supports Broker can perform everything from recruiting staff and supervising them to facilitating planning of personal future as well as community resourcing.

Support Brokers will complete the following services:

caregiver discussing care plan to an elderly couplePlanning: May assist a person with the facilitation of a circle of support and other intensive person-centered approaches to enhancing natural, generic, and informal supports. The Supports Broker is responsible to communicate with the SC about needed changes in the ISP and progress toward outcomes related to self-direction.
Budgeting: May render assistance to a participant/surrogate in the establishment of wages for workers, understanding statements as well as budgets for the client’s participant-directed services. They can also provide correspondence from the FMS, which can lead to sound decision-making about service usage. This way, we can ensure that the services outlined in the client’s ISP is not over nor under-utilized.
Recruiting: The Supports Broker can assist the participant to recruit SSPs by writing and placing ads, etc.
Hiring: The Broker may assist the participant/ surrogate with interviewing, determining which applicant is most suitable for the job, reference checks, and collecting all necessary paperwork to ensure that the SSP meets the qualifications for the position.
Managing Workers: The Broker is able to assist providing clear expectations, providing the source of supervision and complete performance reviews.
Training: Broker may assist a participant to locate training for SSPs or provide training to the SSPs.

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