We help our clients participate in community activities that are beneficial to their physical, emotional, and social aspects.

Community Participation Supports is an umbrella service that provides people with a broad range of supports to engage in life-long learning by trying new things, building new skills, developing new relationships, and finding new ways to move from just being in the community to be a valued part of their community.

The primary goal of Community Participation Supports is to support the development of the skills necessary to increase the potential and opportunity for employment of people with disabilities within
integrated settings. The employment will be based on the person’s particular strengths and interests and where their particular skills and abilities are valued and needed.

caregiver and old woman smilingThe intent of CPS is to provide opportunities and support for community inclusion along with building interest in and develop skills and potential for competitive integrated employment.

The intent of Community Participation Supports services is to:

  • provide people with disabilities the experiences, opportunities, and supports necessary to be an engaged and valued member of the community including opportunities for meaningful community employment
  • support people to be a neighbor, friend, or co‐worker who enjoys what they do and takes advantage of their abilities and interests
  • to build skills that encourage interdependence and value in the community
  • nurture community relationships that support inclusion and creates a presence that is felt and appreciated by others in the community and missed when the person is not there

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